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Excavator Mulchers, Skid Steer Mulchers, PTO Driven Mulchers


Tree Shears

Ferntree offers a full line of field-proven European mulching and shearing equipment that readily attach to excavators and skid steers. We also distribute tractor mounted PTO driven mulchers.

The extensive Ferntree Equipment & Distribution dealer network helps to expedite delivery to field or warehouse locations throughout the United States and Canada.

North American Dealer Network

Ferntree Equipment & Distribution has dealers located throughout the United States and Canada

Become a Ferntree Dealer

Contact us today about representing Ferntree and our quality lines of high performance, high quality forestry and logging industries equipment.

High Production Chipper

The Albach Diamant 2000 offers the highest possible through-put and
the chip quality necessary to meet the most demanding specifications.
The Albach chipper makes it easy to produce wood chips that meet all requirements and specifications.