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EXH flail mulcher is designed for 5.5-10 tonn excavators to cut dense vegetation and standing material up to 4inches. The EXH has been introduced to the North American market for customers that want to accomplish land clearing and vegetation removal without the need of a fixed tool rotor.

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  • Mechanical front door – no option for hydraulic cylinder
  • Tooth hammer 4.1lbs (8 hammers)
  • Belt transmission with 25cc fixed piston motor
  • Front and rear chain guard
  • Adjustable skids
  • OSMA 3F multi-function valve (by-pass, anti-shock, oil flow divider)



  • 34cc fixed piston motor
  • For higher torque and bitter machines (13-19gpm)
  • Smooth hammers instead of tooth hammers


Technical details – EXH

Working width 100cm/ 40inches

Outer width 110cm/ 43 inches

Weight – 340kg / 753lbs

Oil flow min- 11gpm  max 14gpm

Number of tools –  8

Cut size – 3 -4 inches

Belt Transmission

EXH 100
Working Width 39
Total Width 43
Lbs 749
Piston Motor 25cc
Flow Rate L/Min 45-55
Bar (Pressure) 200-220
Rotor Swinging
Tool Type – BRV 002 1.7 kg
Tools 8
Anti-cavitation Valve y
Flow valve regulator option
Belts 2
Hoses 3
Front Door y
Front & Rear Chains y
Adjustable Skids y
Max Shredding 85+
Counter Blades y
Hitch flat pack